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TCC is actively involved in Service Dog training. As is consistent with our values, we like to inform our clients as much as possible in advance about our programs before starting.

According to the ADA, anyone can train their own service dog but (below are the two most important points);

  • must provide proof of at least two tasks that their pup can successfully accomplish

  • The dog must be under control at times.


The handler must be able to care for the dog.

With this in mind, you do not require to have your pup professionally trained to have earned the right to call your dog a Service Dog.

Training with your own dog creates a bond that is hard to achieve with a 'Pre-trained' pup. Your dog, through the extensive training with you, will learn exactly what you expect of him/her.


TCC's program offers one on one training along with group classes which promote and hone your ability to work seamlessly with you pup and also solidifies that bond you need for a well mannered dog.


The TCC stipulations for getting into our Service Dog program are;

  • The handler must be able to care for their dog (or have a third party that takes that responsibility)

  • The handler must be able to train their own dog (or have a third party that takes that responsibility)

  • There are three Bench Marks that have to be passed before TCC will certify those dogs that pass.


Our training program is for those persons that cannot afford to buy an already trained dog which can run upwards of twenty thousand dollars. The best possible results for a well-trained service dog starts with training of the pup at about the age of 10-14 weeks. We start with imprinting (teaching of commands at an early age where the pup does not yet quite understand what the commands mean but is able to go through the motions – muscle memory per say) on the pup and introduce the handler to the very basics of dog handling and care.


The program may however start with older dogs whereby we have three stages or bench marks to judge their performance before allowing them to move onto the next stage.

Those Bench Marks are as follows;


Stage 1 (training twice per week):

  • If a puppy then Puppy class with Puppy party

  • Shine in 7 or 9

  • Beginning of task training.


Stage 2:

  • Obedience 1 classes

  • CGC training / certificate

  • Task training

  • Reactivity training


Stage 3:

  • Obedience 2

  • CGC Advanced training / certificate

  • CGC Urban Training / Certificate

  • Task Training

  • Reactivity Training


Training does not stop when your pup has been certified through TCC. In order to stay at the top of your pups game, both the dog and handler need to continue working on the exercises that have been learned.

The certification through TCC will show that we deem your pup to be extremely well trained and fit for work as a service dog. TCC will provide a vest with our patch and contact information. If a situation should arise where your pups ability to be a service is put into question, TCC will confirm the training and help where necessary.


Things that will fail you in one of our training stages:

  1. The temperament of your dog may be such that control is nearly impossible in high distraction environments where your pup is likely not to listen – too timid or aggressive for example.

  2. The person training the dog may not be capable of assuming the handler position (is not able to assert him/herself over the pup, is unable to perform the commands correctly or consistently)

  3. Depending on the type of task training an OFA Health test may be required to be administered by a veterinary practice. If there are issues then the pup may fail for working in the desired area. The test is normally performed on the dog when it is older than 1.5 years (bone and muscle structure is fully grown).

  4. TCC retains the right to fail a dog for any reason found by management to be of concern.


As stated above, the failure to meet the TCC standards for the TCC certification does not affect your choice in considering your dog a Service dog.


If you are interested, please call TCC to schedule a free evaluation and quote.


For more information between a Service dog, Emotional Support Animal , and a Therapy dog, Please click the link below!

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