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Parvo Like Virus

Due to the breakout of a Parvo like Virus in Northern Michigan, Tri Canine Campus is requesting that dogs that have visited the areas of Clare, Oscoda and Otsego Michigan in the last two weeks please do not come to classes.


  • This new Virus is Like Parvo but does not show up during standard testing.


  • It is believed that the Parvo vaccination protecting the dogs from this new virus.


  • most dogs affected have been under the age of 2 years


  • it is believed that it takes about 2 weeks for the symptoms to develop.


Other precautions being taken by TCC:


  • Deep cleaning every morning and evening


  • the floors will be disinfected after each lesson and class (please be patient if a lesson or class is delayed)


  • Common areas are being cleaned after traffic from every group of dogs


We are working with professionals to stay up to date with the most current information to combat this virus in our facility, and to keep pet parents informed. If you are looking for resources in regard to further information on the subject please feel free to reference this link:

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