Shine in Nine - Private Lessons

You want to learn how to communicate with your dog. You've come to the right place.

Our Shine In Nine private lesson program consists of 9 one-on-one training sessions that focus on obedience, leadership, and any common issues you are experiencing with your dog. We will cover anything from potty training to mild reactivity. 

We offer travel consultations and travel lessons in order to evaluate your dog in their home setting. Or, come to our headquarters to take advantage of learning in a setting with unique training and distraction opportunities.

A well-trained dog is just a click or a phone call away.

Our Shine in Nine lessons program is for the person that has the time to work at home with their pup.  The program relies heavily on the fact that you, the owner, will go home with the information learned in your lesson, practice it consistently and come to the next week’s lesson ready to build on the knowledge learned in the previous lesson.


The first lesson is set up that you learn the tools that you will be working with to help teach your pup. Leadership skills and tips on how to become a better trainer will be slowly introduced. This lesson teaches our first commands and elaborates on proper leash handling skills.


The second lesson continues by reviewing the previous week’s material then moves onto how you communicate to your pup that you are in control. You will learn how to instill proper habits into your pup, motivate that fuzzy friend and then continue to the more difficult commands.


This third week starts by looking at the previous two weeks progress, fine tuning those items that might not yet be correctly executed. E-collar introduction is next. At this time, the commands for Recall and Place will have a lot of emphasis put on them, as these two go hand in hand with impulse control.


The next lessons, number 4 and 5, starts to pull all of the commands learned to this point together. Impulse control is again emphasized and distractions are introduced. Off-leash walking will be introduced.


Week 6-9: By this time your pup should be very familiar with all of the commands and react positively
to them. With that confidence, both the owner and dog will now be confronted with major distraction
situations. The training will be taken into an environment where multiple dogs and handlers are present
and everyday conditions, to include not so normal encounters, are generated. Over stimulation of these
situations is designed to provoke the pup into reactivity. The objective here is to one, teach the owner
to properly handle these situations and two, desensitize the pup to these settings. Repetition is key in
making improvements with both owners and dogs.
The reactivity class may be continued, at no cost, for the life time of those dogs which have participated
in the Shine in Seven n or Shine in 9 programs.


Standard Pricing

Shine in Nine

7 private lessons,

2 travel lessons* = $1250

(E-collar, Prong, and Longline Included)

(Payment plans and pay-in-full discounts available)


Shine in Seven

6 private lessons

1 travel lesson* = $900

(Prong, and Longline Included)

(Payment plans and pay-in-full discounts available)


Shine in Five

$625 for a package of five

(One On One Basic Obedience Course)

(Prong collar and long line include)


Loose Leash Walking Lesson



Reactivity Lessons 

$300 for a package of three

  • Attacking Doors/Windows

  • Jumping

  • Barking at Dogs/People

  • Counter Surfing

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