About us

Tri Canine Campus has been founded by a group of trainers with a strong passion and extensive experience in dog training of all areas — from simply getting your dog to calm down, to training therapy dogs, preparing show dogs, and training for IPO and agility competition. Our team of professionals have dealt with dogs of every temperament, from the extremely nervous, to the insanely active and even highly aggressive.

Let us help you become the companion your puppy wants and needs you to be.

Mike Kunzelman​ - Owner & Trainer

Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals 
AKC CGC Evaluator

Certified Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor - Penn Foster

“I started working with dogs in the late 1980s, when I got my first German shepherd in Germany. Not having any experience with training dogs, I went to a club looking for someone that could train my pup. They told me, ‘That is not how it works. You have to train your own dog.’ Before I knew it, I was in the scratch suit and bite arm, training dogs for protection work and out watching others lay the tracks for their pups to follow, then on to competitions as a hobby. Training at the club lasted about 10 years before I came back State side, where the only work I did with pups was my own, until I changed my professions. I started training dogs professionally in 2019 and love every minute of it.”

Megan Longrie - Office Manager/Trainer

"My passion for dogs started the second I met Hunter, my first dog. The desire to follow a career path in training dogs was when I fostered Data, a Merle Phantom Poodle. Seeing Data (and other wonderful pups) grow into his roll as a service dog is what has inspired me to work into this area of expertise. My primary responsibility (at T.C.C.) is to manage the office and ensure smooth operation. Currently I am working on my Penn Foster Dog Obedience Instructor certificate and hope to have my AKC evaluator certification next year."

Caleb Murley - Multimedia/IT/Office

"I worked as a professional Videographer/Photographer for over 5 years, But back in 2017 I started working for a dog training facility as the creative director. During my time there I fostered a service dog for about a year which peaked my interest even more on how to train dogs. My primary role at TCC is Multimedia, Social media, Advertising, and Customer Relations. Soon I hope to have my certificate for Penn Foster to become a certified dog trainer."

Dani  - Daycare/Reception

"I have been around animals for as long as I can Remember. My mother was a
veterinary technician for over 35 years and always my brothers and I were
around large animals, Horses, farm animals, and especially dogs. I started
working for a Dog Daycare and training facility back in 2019 and absolutely fell
in love with it. I got to see how training actually worked and how much time,
effort and passion went into training dogs and see the progression of changes in
each case."