Tricanine Days

Mon-Fri:  7AM-8PM
Sat & Sun:   9AM-6PM
Full Day
Half Day


It's a play date, every day! Dogs are evaluated and placed in compatible play groups. We have both outdoor and indoor play arenas. Groups are always monitored by one of our experienced trainers and responsible play encouraged and enforced. Private play options are available.

Standard Daycare

  • sit                       
  • down
  • touch
  • focus
  • stay
  • place
  • come
  • loose leash walking

'While you're at work!'


"Mike did a great job with our 6 month old retriever, Evie! My husband will actually let me keep her now! She behaves excellently on a leash, focuses on her owner, follows all sorts of commands and will stay in her "place" when she is in a sassy mood or we simply need a break from play time. We have had all kinds of compliments on her behavior while on walks in our neighborhood."

 - Meghan Erphelding

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