Doggy Daycare

Tri Canine Campus Doggy Daycare Open Monday-Friday 7AM-8PM

Open Saturday 9AM-6PM

Tri Canine Campus is your trainer-run, trainer-approved doggy daycare.


We provide daycare in a children's playground setting and focus on well behaved yet playful interaction. Think of it more like a day at school for your pupil. The sessions help blow off some stream for the pups by trainers on staff to keep watch. But we don't just focus on recess (though we do have fun!). Instead, we focus on crate training, potty training, tolerance for grooming and vet exams, jumping, bite inhibition, patience, household manners, and playing in the house with other dogs​. Our goal is for your dog to learn and have fun while you're away.

You can also sign up for day training, which includes daycare and a one-on-one obedience training session focusing on sit, down, touch, focus, stay, place, leave it, and coming when called.

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Doggy Daycare

$30 Full Day
(Over 6 hours)
$18 Half Day
(Under 6 hours)
Packages Available!
  • socialization 

  • play

  • exercise

  • discounts avalible for dogs who have trained at TCC

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Day Training

$45 per day

*Must Be enrolled in a training program through TCC

Day training is a program where your dog is trained while you're away! Drop off your dog for daycare, and your dog will get one-on-one time with a trainer focusing on:

  • door manners

  • crate training

  • rough housing

  • jumping

  • leave it

Basic Obedience:

Reactivity Training:

  • sit                         
  • down
  • touch
  • focus
  • stay
  • place
  • come
  • loose leash walking