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Puppy Training

A common misconception is that you shouldn't start training until a puppy is 6 months old.

Don't wait that long to start training!

At Tri Canine Campus, we start training at 10 weeks old. Puppies have a crucial developmental period called imprinting. The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life is the time that they are most impressionable, and what they learn (or don't learn) can last a lifetime.


Puppies are cute. They can truly become man's best friend. The puppy stage of life is the arguably the most beautiful stage. Unfortunately, it's accompanied by things that are not so cute:

  • Have accidents in the house,

  • Jump all over you and anyone who walks in the door,

  • Chew everything and anything (even everyone!),

  • Bark at anything that moves, and

  • Pull on a leash like a sled dog.

Having a puppy can be overwhelming, but starting the training process at a young age can give you the confidence to be a good leader for your dog and give your pup the best chance to grow into a well-behaved dog. 

Puppy Private Lessons, Puppy Bootcamp, Puppy Group Classes

Monthly payment plans Available!
10% Discount for First Responders and Current or Former Military.


5 Private Lessons

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One-on-One Basic Obedience course


2 weeks

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One-on-One Basic Obedience course

6 weeks

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One-on-One Basic Obedience course


"Of course we got a puppy the week before covid shut everything down and the result was a dog terrified of everything. Her fear turned into aggression, until we found tri-canine. Their shine in nine program worked on her (and our) listening skills, and receptivity training along with pack walk built her confidence around people and other dogs. We are so glad we found tri-canine, we now have a happy and confident well behaved pup."

Puppy Private Lessons

Basic Obedience is the starting point from which a dog learns to look to their owner for leadership, especially in uncomfortable situations. The bond and confidence built in both the owner and the dog during these lessons will lead to better relationship and provide a solid foundation for further training. 

The first lesson will inform you on some of the important aspects of:

owning a puppy, potty training in general, the importance of puppy socialization, identification for your pup and more.

You will also learn how to properly praise a puppy for those behaviors that we would like to promote and correct those that are deemed bad. The first commands will be introduced in this lesson, sit, down and recall.

The second lesson constitutes building on the first. Practicing the sit, down and recall. Focus will practiced. Leash handling will be introduced. The recall command will be expanded on. The topic of establishing leadership over your pup will be presented. Taking leadership into consideration, door manners are crucial and will be addressed in this lesson.

This third week starts with looking at the previous two weeks' progress, fine tuning those items that might not be correctly implemented. The ‘Do Nots’ for training will be addressed. Distractions will be presented (loud noises and large objects) to test and desensitize your pup to them. Your pup may begin to covet certain items in your house, we will show you the proper way of removing those possessions from them. The Down Stay command will be introduced.

Week four will again review the previous week’s exercises concentrating on proper execution with more emphasis on recall, down stay and focus. These three aspects of the training are the building blocks to a well-trained pup. The commands “Leave It” and “Off” will be worked on.

 Week 5 is a review of everything that was learned in the previous lessons, with the inclusion of some games to test their overall progress.


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Puppy Bootcamp

Our Boot Camp is designed for those families that are either inexperienced owners, or owners with little time to train at home.

The training is broken up into two phases:


The first phase includes one-on-one with your puppy and one of our puppy trainers.

Your pup will train both at our facility by day and comfortably in the home of a puppy trainer by night. Your pup goes through a rigorous but fun regime of crate training, socialization, and “imprinting” of the basic commands Sit, Down and Touch.

Your puppy will learn to hold a short down stay, focus on their handler, and walk without pulling on the leash (with few distractions).

Recall is one of the most important commands and your puppy will practice constantly.


The second phase brings the owners into the training with 3 follow-up sessions. There the puppy trainers will transfer to the owners the commands and knowledge so that training may be continued at home.

"Imprinting" these Basic Obedience Commands upon a young pup is the starting point from which a dog learns to look to their owner for leadership, especially in new and/or uncomfortable situations. Through training, encouragement and love a puppy learns that they are not allowed to make rash decisions that might get him/her into trouble and to rely confidently on their owner to guide them.

It is highly recommended that you and your pup follow the boot-camp with Obedience classes. Doing so will sharpen your training ability, solidify your pups understanding of the commands that were ‘imprinted’ during his/her boot-camp and help promote your puppy's success in high distraction environments.


Note: Crate training at this age is just the start. It cannot be guaranteed that your pup will be fully potty trained once home. The schedule introduced during boot-camp, and the "go-potty command" must be maintained at home to ensure the best possible result. If consistency is not enforced at home, your pup may lose what he/she have learned in a very short period of time. We are available for phone support 

Crate &
House Training

No more accidents in the house! Give your floors, mops, and patience a break by teaching your puppy a "go potty" command!


This is what makes the difference between having a dog that is happy and friendly and have a dog that is nervous, fearful, or even aggressive.


Sit, lay down, leash manners, focus, wait, leave it, stay, coming when called, and more!

House Manners

Biting, chewing, barking, jumping... basically all the things you want your puppy to stop doing in the house.

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Puppy Group Classes

“Imprinting”... a word which can practically be replaced with the word “Bonding”, occurs during the most important stage in the early life of a dog. Pups at this age are at their most impressionable. Having your pup imprint on you means they are bonding with you in a special way and that bond strengthens the more you spend time with them. Working with your dog at this stage in life sets the foundation from which your pup will grow.

Teach handlers basics in training dogs with emphasis on Focus. If a pup will not focus on you, it will not listen to you.

-          Proper leash handling

-          Focus!

-          Luring dogs into Sit, Down and touch

-          Down Stay (Little to no distractions)

-          Leave It and Off

-          Recall (Step Back)

-          Grooming

This class is designed to teach the dog owner basic leash handling skills, the do’s and dont's of training, as well as commands. As you learn, so does your pup.

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