Group Classes

Training with your dog has only benefits. In our group classes your pup will learn what you expect of them and therefore listen better. They will respect you more, thereby lessening or eliminating most reactivity issues they might have. Through training, you dog will build confidence in its surroundings and, most importantly, in you. Your overall relationship with your pup will improve the more time you invest in training. We're here to help make the time you invest more valuable by offering a class structure.


Puppy, Obedience I&II, Advanced (CGC)

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Obedience 1
6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
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I love the way Mike trains. He is adaptable to each handler and their dog plus he is very patient and informative. I have really enjoyed training with him
Also, Tri Canine Campus offers daycare. My 3 year old chocolate lab loves gong to play with his friends.The play area is large enough for Sam to run and it's safe .
I would highly recommend Tri Canine Campus to anyone looking for a place to train.

Obedience 1

This class is designed to teach the dog owner basic leash handling skills, the do’s and don’ts in training, as well as commands. As you learn, so does your pup. Emphasis is placed on proper leash handling skills and getting your dog to focus on you (if you cannot get your pups attention on you, they are unlikely to execute the commands that you are giving them).

Focus – teach your pup their name

Loose Leash Walking



Down Stay – initial steps



Leave It

Recall – Come or Here

Proper Leadership 

Obedience 2

This obedience class continues with skills learned in Obedience 1 class but now with emphasis on the training of the dog. Impulse Control is high on the list. Your pup will learn that when the command Down is given, it means to stay put. By the end of this class, your pup should have nearly undivided attention on you no matter what is going on in the classroom as well as a good Recall.

Down Stay - Extended


About Turn


Off Leash Walking


Working in a Group


Puppy Class


“Imprinting”,… a word which can practically be replaced with the word “Bonding”, occurs during the most important stage in the early life of a dog. Pups at this age are at their most impressionable. Having your pup imprint on you means they are bonding with you in a special way and that bond strengthens the more you spend time with them. Working with your dog at this stage in life sets the foundation from which your pup will grow.

Teach Handlers basics in training dogs with emphasis on Focus. If a pup will not focus on you, it will not listen to you.

-          Proper leash handling

-          Focus!

-          Luring dogs into Sit, Down and touch

-          Down Stay (Puppy Level – Little to no distractions)

-          Leave It and Off

-          Recall (Step Back)

-          Grooming

This class is designed to teach the dog owner basic leash handling skills, the do’s and dont's of training, as well as commands. As you learn, so does your pup.


Advanced Class

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By this time you and your pup have a good handle on basic obedience. In Advanced Obedience you will be refining your dog's Heel, mastering impulse control and the focus from your dog that is associated with it. 

Achieving a state of obedience that the AKC Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Canine Good Citizen Urban tests may be taken and passed is high on the list but not necessary.

Possible Commands

Place - Advanced

Drop It


Go Out (Voraus)

Go Around (Revier)

Load – getting into vehicle



Fuss (Walking on right side of owner)

Walk (Walking between legs)