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Caring for a puppy is not just meeting their basic needs. It is mindfulness of the fact that puppyhood is the most critical period in the formation of the adult dog. Every impression and experience a puppy has will promote either good or bad behavior, positive or negative experiences. 

There are as many personalities as there are puppies, but over time trainers have been able to generalize three different types, across breeds.

The timid puppy. The independent puppy. The confident puppy.

Breeds are not just appearances. In the same way that dogs were selectively bred from primeval wolves, the multiplicity of breeds are a result of centuries of selection for various lines of work. In some cases, millennia.


A golden retriever does not just look different from a malinois, they have an entirely different nature. When you adopt a specific breed you are not just adopting a furry dependent, you are adopting a specific lifestyle.


When adopting a mixed breed or rescue, it is crucial to remember it is your responsibility to observe what traits your dog exhibits from their parent breeds. It is your job to meet whatever needs arise, whether it be rigorous exercise, extensive boundary enforcement, or confidence building. A rescue is always a surprise mixture of characteristics, and discovering them is rewarding and fun!


The decision to adopt a puppy is almost always underestimated!

What most people think caring for a puppy is:

  • Cleaning up after them

  • Crating them

  • Giving them toys to alleviate boredom

  • Buying them proper food

  • "Socialization" (letting them meet everyone and everything)

  • Grooming


What caring for a puppy also includes:

  • Determining temperament type

  • Training to temperament

  • Setting strict, unbreakable rules in the house

  • Encouraging exploration while setting clear boundaries

  • Learning how to correct bad behavior without creating traumatic aversion

  • Putting oneself on a schedule to establish consistency and trust

  • Setting aside time to bond

  • Constant supervision

  • Regularly touching their paws, examining teeth

Get your pup started off right!


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  • Participation fee is $10 per pup

  • ​Please call ahead to reserve a spot

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