Board and Train Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp is designed for those families that are either first-time owners, inexperienced owners, or owners with little time to train at home. The training is broken up into two phases. The first phase includes one-on-one, in house training with a certified trainer where your dog goes through a rigorous but fun regime of balanced training, which will instill respect and a calm state of mind. The second phase brings the owners into the training, teaching them the basics of dog training and how to become the leader, which is essential in allowing the dog to live comfortably and relatively care free.


TCC Basic Obedience Phase 1 is designed to teach your dog how to properly walk while leashed, to pay attention to the person holding the leash, to perform according to a set of commands, and to ignore nearby distractions (impulse control).


The Basic Commands are sit, down, recall, focus, leave-it, place, stay, and wait. These commands are not only useful for achieving a calm state of mind with your dog when out in public, but inside your home, as well.


TCC Basic Obedience Phase 2 requires you to learn to perform as a trainer over the next several weeks, learning leash-handling skills and commands in steps, each designed to build upon the successful completion of the previous lesson. You will learn to continue your dog’s training and become the leader of the pack, effectively communicating in a way your dog understands and will eagerly respond to. Once you are established as the leader, your dog will look to you to help them make decisions in situations they may have insecurely responded to in the past. You and your dog will both graduate from Phase 2 with much more confidence in your relationship than before.


Standard Boot Camp = $3000
(Payment plans and pay-in-full discount available)

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