Day Training

Consistency is key when communicating with your dog. They learn what we are asking of them through repetition and reward, rejoicing in the opportunity to please and understand their favorite humans. Through training we show our dogs that they have important roles in the family and deserve to feel involved.

At tri-canine we strengthen the lines of communication with our dogs every day.

We are not just a daycare facility, we are a day-training facility. We work cues and commands while in the office, while out in the yard, in-between play sessions, at lunch and dinner-time, and whenever, because we love dogs. 

Day-Training includes full (greater than 6hrs) and half-day (less than 6hrs).


Full day: $35

Half day: $23

Standard Day Care

Full day: $30

Half day: $18

Commands & Exercises
  • Focus (primary emphasis)

  • Sit, Down, Touch

  • Recall

  • Down-stay

  • Place

  • Off

  • Impulse-control