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Dog Training Options, Clarkston, MI

Definition of "Basic Obedience":


To establish a solid foundation via the teaching of key commands — sit, down, recall, leave-it, place, wait, focus and stay — in order to achieve a basic level of communication with your dog.


We offer travel consultations and travel lessons or come to our headquarters to take advantage of learning in a setting with unique training and distraction opportunities.


Our Bootcamps are designed for those families that are either first-time owners, inexperienced owners, or owners with little time to train at home. We accept fearful, and aggressive cases, as well as untrained adults and puppies (under 5 months).


Training with your dog has only benefits. In our obedience classes your pup will learn essential basic obedience commands and you'll learn how to train your dog, your neighbor's dog, and your neighbor.

Rule #1, it's never too late for basic obedience.
Not sure where to begin? Pick a few items from the list below and give us a call to start your training program.


  • House manners

  • Leash pulling

  • Coming when called

  • Crate training

  • Jumping

  • Chewing

  • Barking at dogs or people

  • Food and toy possessiveness

  • Fearful and nervous behavior

  • Dog and human reactivity

  • Dog and human aggression


Learn more about common issues we see.


Year-round every Tuesday at 6pm, outdoors and Indoors

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