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Why Tri

There are a few reasons we went with the name Tri Canine Campus.


The word "tri" comes from the idea that we wanted our company to represent the 3 D's of dog training: distance, duration, and distraction. Distance refers to the amount of space between you and your dog when practicing a command. Duration is the amount of time a command is performed. Distraction is anything that makes your dog lose focus. You'll notice in our logo, we had a little fun with the 3 D's: Delivering Delightful Doggies. That's because the 3 D's are really what you make them, just like dog training. Have fun with it!

Beyond that, the triangle itself has a few meanings. 

  • Firstly, the triangle is the strongest shape, distributing force equally among all three sides. You, your dog, and your trainer are three sides of a triangle. Any pressure put on one side of the training triangle can be evenly distributed to all sides through communication, instruction, and practice.

  • Secondly, the image of a triangle can be seen as a mountain. When you're training your pup, it can feel like an uphill battle. But once you reach that summit — where you truly learn to communicate with your dog — everything is downhill from there.

  • Finally, the Greek letter delta is the shape of a triangle. In math, the delta symbol represents change. That's what we're striving for: to change your relationship with your pup into one that you can enjoy and sustain for years to come. 

And, finally, we wanted our company to feel like a campus: a place of learning.


Tri Canine Campus is here to make the relationship you have with your dog as strong as possible, to get you over that training summit where you can communicate freely with your dog, and to change the way you bond with your pet in a safe, learning environment. And, above all, we're here to Deliver Delightful Doggies.

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