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Definition of a Misbehaving Dog

A misbehaving dog might be described as that really good dog that just does not want to listen. That pup, when called or spoken to, will look at you, smile and then continue on its mischievous path. Or, if threatened (someone runs at him/her) will tuck tail and run all the while smiling at you as you attempt to rein them in for disciplinary remarks.


The misbehaving dog is often characterized by their willingness to jump on you right when you are taking that first sip of a hot cup of coffee or walking out the house in your freshly cleaned and ironed clothes (very often those paws are not clean requiring the donning of yet another set of freshly ironed clothes).


Others, if large enough, might find those morsels on the counters or tables quite inviting and decide to relieve you of the need to put them in the refrigerator.


Oh, the barking and the growling when someone passes by the living room window or knocks at the door. Such a headache! Let’s not forget the embarrassment when that most happy puppy is blitzing between newly arrived guests' legs and tripping them to their demise. Again, the pup tucking its tail as it sprints with a smile to that safe haven where they know no harm will come to them.


Other definitions:
Aggressive   •Timid   •Misbehaving

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