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Tri Canine Campus

: The Canine Connection

There are many reasons we may take in a furry friend as a family member and allow them to wrap their paws around our heart.


Our childhood memories of a beloved canine may be so vivid with the undeniable love received that, as adults, we long for that companionship. On the other hand, those who grew up without dogs may seek out that long-awaited friendship.


Or maybe it’s the desire for that unconditional love that only a dog can give; the pure pleasure of seeing your fur baby excel at a sport or task, radiating joy in the entire process; or the comfort of knowing you have a friend at your side 24/7, watching out for your wellbeing.


The reality is, most relationships with those canine companions often struggle to reach that balanced point of understanding and respective love without properly structured leadership. Often, we see dogs desperate for guidance — nipping, barking, dragging their owners down the street, lunging at anything that moves, acting out of anxiety, fearing anything new, stealing, or running off. A dog without leadership is not living comfortably; instead, they live in constant over-arousal, without limits to their excessive reactions. Once you take on that leadership role and show your dog that if he/she ever feels unsure, he/she just needs to look to you, then you will see a major positive change in your beloved family member.


Creating that special relationship with your dog starts with teaching you and your dog how to communicate with each other, all while establishing your position as the leader of your pack.


Tri Canine Campus has been founded by a group of balanced dog trainers with a strong passion and extensive experience in dog training of all areas — from simply getting your dog to calm down, to training therapy dogs, preparing show dogs, and training for IPO. Our team of professionals have dealt with dogs of every temperament, from the extremely nervous, to the insanely active and even highly aggressive.

Let us help you become the companion your puppy wants and needs you to be.

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