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Definition of a Timid Dog

The definition of a timid dog is one living in a state of anxiety and fear due to lack of socialization during crucial developmental stages, genetics, or a post-traumatic response. These dogs are lacking the confidence to enjoy new experiences, people and/or other dogs. 

Training is essential in helping your dog overcome his fear so as to bring them a higher quality of life. This is done by showing your dog that you are of leader material, and that they can trust you to help them make decisions that will keep them safe and comfortable. 

We work on confidence building using a number of exercises that challenge your dog to step outside of his comfort zone and conquer obstacles requiring them to climb, jump, or walk over strange surfaces. Here they learn that even though they perceive a situation as nerve wracking, following their handler’s guidance will lead to a strong feeling of accomplishment since we pair these exercises with praise and delicious rewards. 

This is only a glimpse at the beginning of the long road to an overall more confident dog. Despite the long haul and work associated with helping a timid dog come out of their shell, it is one of the most rewarded processes to be a part of. Once your dog can confide in you as their protector and leader, they can begin to enjoy life outside of their home and learn that there’s nothing to fear from new people or dogs. 


Other definitions:
Aggressive   •Reactive   •Misbehaving

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