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Definition of a Reactive Dog

By definition, a reactive dog reacts to his surroundings in ways that we (humans) consider inappropriate. The following scenarios are examples of reactive dogs:


  • While walking your leashed pup down the sidewalk, he railroads off into the grass, trying to chase the squirrel that just appeared from behind a tree.

  • Your dog rages at another dog behind a fence while out on your afternoon walk.

  • Walking up a trail, you see a couple with a dog coming from behind the trees and brush. Your first thought is to grab your pup and find a secluded offshoot so, as the couple passes you, the embarrassment of having to hold back your “seething demon” does not overcome you.

  • While on the phone talking to a loved one, your furry friend goes werewolf at the living room window because a pedestrian just passed your yard. The conversation is frustratingly put on hold as you fruitlessly attempt to tell you pup that all is OK.

Dog barking in forest

Other definitions:
Aggressive   •Timid   •Misbehaving

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